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International Contract Law


This course is intended to provide students with a thorough knowledge of and deep insight into contract law problems and solutions in an international perspective. This course consists of two parts. The first part is dedicated to the general rules of contract law. In this part the major subjects covered will be the formation of the contract, vices of consent, interpretation and contents of the contract, performance and non-performance and remedies due to non-performance. The second part is dedicated to Specific Contract Law. In this part a number of important specific contracts will be analysed, namely sales contracts, contracts of works/procurement contracts, transportation contracts and franchise contracts. During the course attention will be paid to civil law systems as well as to common law systems, as well as to transnational ‘principles’ like the PICC and the DCFR.


Wendy Rodger
Programme Coordinator LLM (Adv) International Civil and Commercial Law
Office for International Education / Leiden Law School
T: +31 (0)71 527 1228
E: iccl@law.leidenuniv.nl

Thijmen Nuninga
Course coordinator International Contract Law
T: +31 (0)71 527 5266
E: w.t.nuninga@law.leidenuniv.nl


Interactive lectures, presentations & field trip.


Written exam and oral presentation with underlying paper.


Full degree in law granting access to the legal profession (or equivalent).