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Law and Society

Governance and Global Development

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Semester 1

Foundations of Law and Society 10
Lawmaking, Politics and Society 5
The Rule of Man in the Rule of Law 5
Legal Pluralism in the Global South and Global North 5
Thesis Proposal: Law and Society 5
Researching Law in Society 5

Semester 2

Disputing Deconstructed 5

Students have to chose 2 out of 4 electives:

Elective: The Challenges of Globalization, Migration, and Cross-Border Mobility 5
Elective: Regulation and Compliance 5
Elective: Mobilizing Rights and Social Justice 5

Elective: Current Issues in Law and Society (course description will be published a.s.a.p.)

Thesis: Law and Society 10