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Research Project 2 - Thesis


Admission requirements

Master students of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences who have finished their Research Project 2 practical work.


After 5 months of research, the student will start writing his/her thesis. In general draft versions of the thesis should be evaluated minimally once and maximally three times before a final mark is provided, thereby allowing the students to optimize the thesis based on a first set of comments. Guidelines are available on the Brightspace module ‘MSc Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences’. In general, the thesis contains a content list, abstract, introduction, results, discussion, conclusion, and references.

Course objectives

  • The student can write a report about his/her research

  • The student can write a report with a correct content

  • The student can write a report in a logical structure

  • The student can write correct Academic English


Not applicable.

Mode of instruction

Self study, discussions.

Assessment method

Written report; minimum grade is 6.0.

In case the final assessment of the thesis of Research Project 2 is graded as "insufficient", the student may rewrite the thesis based on the feedback of the supervisor/examiner. Please note that in case the final grade of the Practical Work of Research Project 2 is graded as "insufficient", the entire Research Project 2 will need to be conducted again, including the thesis under supervision of a different daily supervisor and first examiner.

Reading list

Not applicable.


Approval from the Director of Education (mandated by the Board of Examiners of the master Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences) to start Research Project 2 is required.

Students do not need to register in uSis.


For general information about the Research Project 2, please contact the study adviser (


This information is without prejudice. Alterations can be made for next year