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Student assistantship bachelor research assignment


Admission requirements

Before the start of the bachelor's research assignment, the MSc student has actively been working for at least 2-3 months as an MSc student within the division with an internal supervisor (often a PhD student) and has a good theoretical background in the research field in which he/she will supervise the BSc student(s).

Prior to the bachelor research assignments (if not yet obtained) the MSc student will follow the educational course 'Didactic skills' at ICLON. The certificate to be obtained serves as proof of participation in the course, a copy of which must be submitted to the final report of the elective.


At the end of the third year, each BFW student must carry out a 10-week research assignment within one of the research divisions of the Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research (LACDR) at Leiden University. After approval from the LACDR, it is also possible for a number of students to carry out a research assignment at a partner institute (CHDR or LIC department BioSyn).
The research assignment is part of the scientific research of the division and consists of several phases: 1) literature research, 2) the formulation of research questions, 3) the preparation of a research plan, incl. discussion with supervisor and fellow researchers, 4 ) carrying out the research plan and 5) reporting in the form of a report and oral presentation. The report must be written entirely within the time scheduled for the research assignment.
When carrying out this assignment, the student is supervised by a PhD student or postdoc within the division. These supervisors may be supported by a BPS MSc student, as part of the optional course described below.

Course objectives

After this MSc elective course the MSc student:

  • is able to activate students during their learning process.

  • is able to provide feedback on the scientific writing of the BSc student .

  • is able to independently supervise the practical execution of research assignments.

  • has adequate knowledge of the research subject, and can apply this knowledge in his or her own research.


The bachelor research assignments start in April and last ten weeks. The MSc student writes a theoretical summary of the scientific framework within which the research assignment will take place before the start of the Bachelor's research assignment.

Mode of instruction

After completing the ICLON course, students are additionally trained for the didactical aspects of this course. Training on the content and techniques of the BOO projects will be provided by the division.

Assessment method

The MSc student will be assessed by the examiner with a grade between 1 and 10. For the course, 5 ECTS will be given (Level 500). This equals 140 hours of study load.

The assessment is based on:

  • obtaining an ICLON certificate for a didactic skills training.

  • the attitude and commitment during the research assignment period.

  • practical and theoretical guidance of bachelor students during the research

  • the way of providing feedback on presentations/reports from students.

  • the summary of the theoretical part.

  • the final report.

For the assessment, the rubric belonging to the MSc elective course ‘Student assistantship bachelor research assignment’ will be used.

Reading list

Not applicable.


Students will be approached by the division coordinators for this course. However, if you are interested, you can also approach your division coordinator.

If students have gotten permission to do this course, the course coordinators will (if necessary) enroll them in the ICLON-course. Students can register in uSis.


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This information is without prejudice. Alterations can be made for next year