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Research Seminar: Secret Skills To Become A Scientist


Admission requirements

Admission to the Research Master Archaeology programme.


You want to explore and better understand what skills academic scientists use every day. In this course, we will discuss several of these skills and offer you a safe and stimulating environment to practise skills that are at the core of academic research nowadays.
You will enjoy exercising your curiosity and your creativity. You will prepare for the challenges of communicating your science, and practise science in a team.

Course set-up

Minimally 2 hours of meeting per week with the instructor, and individual work/team-work (without the instructor) in between each meeting.

Course objectives

  • Learn how to structure your discourse and practise delivering an academic message using different formats (e.g. academic paper, elevator pitch, grant writing) and targeting various academic audiences (within your field, within your discipline and outside your discipline);

  • Working individually but also with the rest of the group, getting to hear and learn from other RMA students from each department of the Faculty (World Archaeology, Archaeological Sciences, Heritage).


Course schedule details can be found in the RMA and RMSc time schedule.

Mode of instruction

  • Flipped classroom: the students gather knowledge before class and evaluate their knowledge during the classes;

  • Hands-on exercises are at the core of each class;

  • The instructor functions as a coach supporting the students and sharing with them her knowledge and >20 years first-hand experience.

Due to COVID-19 measures in place, the mode of instruction may change.

Course load

  • 14 x 2 hours of meeting with the instructor (2 ec);

  • 14 x 8 hours of preparation work at home (4 ec);

  • Individual exercises (2 ec);

  • Group project (2 ec).

Assessment method

  • (Weekly) exercises (70%);

  • Final assignment (30%).

The exercises have strict (weekly) deadlines.
A retake is only possible for the final assignment, and only if all other requirements have been met, including attendance and submission of all assignments.

If the group project receives a fail, it must be improved to the level required for a pass.

All assessment deadlines (exams, retakes, paper deadlines etc.) can be found in the RMA and RMSc examination schedule.

Reading list

To be announced on Brightspace.


Registration via uSis is mandatory.

  • The Administration Office will register all BA1 students for their tutorials (not lectures; register via uSis!).

  • BA2, BA3, MA/MSc and RMA/RMSc students are required to register for all lectures and tutorials well in time.

  • The Administration Office registers all students for their exams, students are not required to do this in uSis.


For more information about this course, please contact prof. dr. M.A. (Marie) Soressi.


Compulsory attendance.