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Health Systems & Management


Admission requirements



The course examines health systems from a global perspective. The primary goal of the course is to enable students entering or working within a health system to describe the parts of systems and their interactions, the environment in which the systems exist, and the internal and external forces, and points of leverage that create opportunities for change. Although health systems vary widely in their structure and performance, there is substantial similarity in the issues they face. Differences between systems are often a matter of degree and context. The course addresses health systems from a system improvement perspective, and focuses on health systems analysis, evaluation, and reform. The course examines the various components of health systems, including financing mechanisms, human resources, medical products/technologies, and health information systems. This course also introduces the relationship between international relations, global health policy and public health outcomes.

Course Objectives


  • Identify health system issues and service delivery problems and their root causes, and compare and contrast approaches to resolving or ameliorating them (group assignment 33%; final exam35%)

  • Be able to produce a digital story of individual healthcare experience critically reflecting on the enablers challenges with access to appropriate healthcare (Digital Storytelling Assignment 15%)


  • Students will read and interpret the readings based on the context of the major course themes mentioned in the course description (critical reflection assignment 20%)

  • Students will be able to analyze existing health systems and be able to discuss the interaction among the different parts of the health system as well as the challenges (group assignment 33%; final exam 35%)


Timetables for courses offered at Leiden University College in 2020-2021 will be published on this page of the e-Prospectus.

Mode of instruction

Supplementary resources such as videos, podcasts
In depth topic exploration with case studies (student presentations)

Assessment Method

Participation 15%
Critical reflection weekly digital story telling 45%
Group project written report / presentation 43%

Reading list



Courses offered at Leiden University College (LUC) are usually only open to LUC students and LUC exchange students. Leiden University students who participate in one of the university’s Honours tracks or programmes may register for one LUC course, if availability permits. Registration is coordinated by the Education Coordinator,


Dr. M.J. Cho, (Semester 1)
Drs. Shelley Ann Girwar, (Semester 2)