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Negotiation and Mediation


This course aims to offer students a broad introduction to negotiation and mediation (theory and practice) and to increase the understanding of how negotiation and mediation works in practice. This course will provide students with the knowledge and skills to use theories and models of negotiation and mediation. Students will apply this knowledge in a concrete case. The course builds further on the Principles of International Dispute Settlement course which introduces the main dispute settlement methods. Negotiation and mediation often constitute the first methods used by parties to settle their disputes. While negotiation and mediation are less formal dispute resolution methods than arbitration and judicial settlement, the course will nonetheless systemize and introduce students to the main rules governing negation and mediation. It will also introduce techniques for practicing lawyers to conduct negotiation and mediation.

The course will be presented over 5 weeks. This time will be devoted to lectures and seminars on the theoretical contents of the course, and on practical exercises in negotiation and mediation The students will prepare case questions prior to every seminar and will submit these via Blackboard using safe assignment. During the seminars, students will discuss the case questions in a group setting.


  • Introduction to Negotiation and Mediation

  • Negotiation Methods

  • Principles v. Practice

  • Social Influence

Please note this description is subject to changes.