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Introductory Research Project (Bioinformatics)


Admission requirements

Not applicable.


A research project deals with research and innovation. The research conducted in a research project is part of the research focus of the institute. It is not as extensive as a Master's thesis research project, but it serves as a good introduction to managing and conducting scientific research.
The research project can involve e.g., writing a survey article covering the latest developments in a field, extending or improving an algorithm and conducting systematic empirical tests, or theoretical work such as analyzing an algorithm or proving a theorem. The student needs to write a scientific report explaining the results of the research project.
The research project is conducted by students following the Bioinformatics specialisation, under the supervision of a research staff member at LIACS. Topics can be proposed by students or staff, but the research project can only begin after the research project has been approved by the study advisor.

Course objectives

By means of a research project, the student learns to:

  • study and understand scientific literature reflecting the latest developments in a specific field of research,

  • make an independent analysis of scientific problems,

  • interrelate and integrate various areas of a specific field of research,

  • write a scientific report/article about the results of his/her analysis of a particular field of research or topic of interest in that field, and

  • propose modifications to existing methods or algorithms, or put forward their own research ideas based on the results of their analyses.


The most recent timetable can be found at the Computer Science (MSc) student website.
The research project is typically undertaken in semester 3/Fall semester of the second year.

Mode of instruction

  • Weekly/bi-weekly supervision by a LIACS staff member and/or others from the associated research group

  • Writing a scientific essay/project report.

Course Load

Hours of Study 18 EC project: 504
Practical work/Research: 384
Report writing: 120

Hours of study 15 EC project: 420
Practical work/Research: 300
Report writing: 120

Hourse of study 12 EC project: 336
Practical work/Research: 216
Report writing: 120

Assessment method

The final mark is determined by the assessment of the scientific essay/project report.

Reading list

Not applicable. Students will read scientific literature on the topic of study.


The research project should only be conducted upon agreement with the study advisor and after a topic and supervisor have been determined.


Study advisor Bioinformatics: Dr. Katy Wolstencroft