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Governance of Migration and Diversity


Entry requirements

This course is part of the LDE Master’s degree Governance of Migration and Diversity. It is not accessible for BA students, or MA students from other specialisations.


This course is taught at and by the Erasmus University Rotterdam, and is part of the Governance of Migration and Diversity Master programme.

This course offers a multidisciplinary outlook on governance of migration and diversity from the perspectives of public administration, history, sociology and development studies. The course aims to stimulate a dialogue between the practice of migration and diversity governance and a variety of theoretical perspectives on governance. During the seminars and site-visits the students are given the opportunity to engage in discussions with both scholars and practitioners of governance.

The course consists of seminars and field trips (or webinars). It includes two introductory lectures about the structure of the course and about the foundations of governance theory. The following eight sessions will be conducted by governance scholars working within disciplinary traditions of Public Administration, Sociology, History and Development Studies, each seminar introducing the topic and new aspects of governance theory will be followed up by a site visit to the organizations, where students are expected to engage in conversation with practitioners of governance.

Course objectives

At the end of the course, students can:

  • Describe basic theory of governance

  • Interpret various issues of governance of migration and diversity from different disciplinary perspectives (public administration, sociology, history and development studies)

  • Relate these theories and perspectives to real-life cases of governance of migration and diversity

  • Write a policy brief and develop recommendations for various governance actors to improve their governance practice (grounded in real-life cases, based on scientific evidence and theoretical perspectives)


The timetables are available through My Timetable.

Mode of instruction

  • Lecture

  • Seminar

Course load

Not applicable.

Assessment method


  • Written paper: 100%

Reading List

Literature will be announced via Brightspace.


Not applicable.


EUR course description


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