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Research School courses in the humanities


With the permission of the Board of Examiners, RM students can participate in schools organised by other Graduate Schools. The credits obtained from such schools can count towards their Elective requirements.

Research School Courses

The national Research Schools (Landelijke Onderzoeksscholen) offer courses on both methodology and area specific knowledge. Many researchers in the Faculty of Humanities are members of a research school related to their area of expertise. Research Schools aim at collaboration of researchers from different faculties in the same university (interfaculty schools) or in different universities (interuniversity schools).

The Research School courses provide PhD and Research Master students with the opportunity to come into contact with fellow PhD and Research Master students from other universities.

Taking courses at a research school

Courses may be taken at more than one Research School, provided that the courses are relevant within the individual programme. Please note that the courses offered by the Research Schools differ in length and intensity and consequently in the amount of EC that are granted.

List of Research Schools

Students who are interested in an interdisciplinary approach to research may find a relevant course at a National Research School for Humanities

An overview of all the research schools in the Netherlands can be found on the website of the The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).

Leiden Global

Instead of a course at one of the Research Schools, students can also take a course within the Leiden Global programme.

Courses they offer are:

  • Discipline and Place in the Humanities (1st semester)

  • Mixed Methods in Social Sciences and the Humanities (2nd semester)


  • Please consult the website of the relevant research school to find out if and how you can take one or more of their courses. The registration procedure for courses can be different per research school.

  • Email your request to the Board of Examiners before you take a course at a research school. Provide information about the content of the course, the amount of EC you will obtain and where the course takes place. Also motivate why the course is relevant to your RM programme.

  • Collect the proof that you have finished the course and send the results to email