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Policy and Development in Science and Society



Policy and Development in Science and Society is a 13 week course which is part of the Science Communication and Society specialisation. The course is open to MSc students from the Faculty of Science and to MSc students in the Biomedical Sciences program of LUMC. Other students who are interested in following this course, should contact their own study advisor for permission.

*NOTE: *
*Because of COVID-19, we are expecting to move this course partly or completely online. However, we will keep to the same schedule and plan the course physically where possible. Consequently, you need to be able to be present for physical courses at Leiden University in case physical classes are possible. *

There is a limited amount of spots for students who want to follow this course as an elective course and are not following the SCS specialisation. Make sure to register in time to obtain a spot in the course.


During the course Policy and Development in Science and Society, you will learn about different funding mechanism for science communication and concepts of science diplomacy and science for development You will be introduced to the various aspects of science policy including key players at the national, European and global level. You will be required to search, read, and process literature, and discuss publications about science policy, funding and science diplomacy. At the end of the course, you will use those skills to develop science communication projects, write a simple funding proposal to a particular European call for Science Communication projects.

Course objectives

After completion of Policy and Development in Science and Society students are able to:

  • Understand how science policy and science communication relate

  • Categorise key areas and stakeholders of science policy at national, European and global level

  • Summarize key concepts of Science for Development and Science Diplomacy

  • List funding mechanisms for Science Communication

  • Outline and elaborate a funding proposal in the context of science communication

Course Schedule

Preliminary schedule: Classes will take place on Monday morning 9-12 from September 6 – November 29, 2021. Room schedule will follow if applicable.

Mode of instruction

Lecures, in-class activities, self-study, group work


During this course, you will be developing a funding proposal.


You can apply for this course through this application form.

Contact information

For any information regarding this course or the SCS specialisation in general you can contact our department through: