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Thesis Seminar Political Legitimacy and Justice - Fall 2021


General information meetings on the Thesis Seminar Fall 2021:

Online, 6 May 2021

Theme: Political Legitimacy and Justice (dr. Jelena Belic) - activity nr. = 1752

The purpose of the thesis seminar is to accompany you when you write your master thesis. Students develop draft proposals into a full research proposal, which will be the basis of their master thesis. All students of the specialization ‘Political Legitimacy and Justice’ are required to take this seminar. For this reason, this seminar is a broad church. Students are free to pick a subject of their liking, as long as it touches on the themes of political legitimacy and justice, broadly understood. This includes themes in contemporary political theory, political philosophy, and the history of political thought. As well as the standard conceptual/normative approach of analytic political philosophy, students can also use methodologies from critical, applied, comparative or interpretive political theory, the history of ideas, or ideology studies. Mixed-methods work incorporating empirical political science in a theoretical/philosophical research design is also possible. In consultations with the instructor, students are supposed to garner their own literature.
Additional Information
Students are recommended to check the substantive readings listed in the Reading List prior to the beginning of the seminar. The reading list will be available on Brightspace at least two weeks before the seminar starts.

Additional Information

Please note that for some seminars there will be no additional substantive readings than the ones discussed in the courses they build on.


Registration for the Thesis Seminar in the Fall semester is possible from Friday 16 July 2021 - Sunday 22 July 2021. Registration is open for students that started their Master in one of the Political Science specialisations, in February 2021. All other students should contact the Exam Committee to request permission to take this thesis seminar. Students can take the thesis seminar only once in their academic year.


The thesis seminar is composed of a research proposal (first 8 weeks) and a thesis (remaining of the course). The research proposal ensures that the student is on the right track to carry out the research and write the thesis. It must be approved by both readers (see below), but is not awarded a grade. The grade of the thesis corresponds to 100% of the grade of the thesis seminar.

Research Proposal

The research proposal includes a problem statement, theoretical foundation, conceptualization as well as a sound explanation of the methods and techniques for data collection and analysis.The proposal must be approved by the supervisor and a second reader. The second reader will be designated by the Director of Studies. Please note that teachers are not obliged to provide thesis supervision if the proposal is not approved. The research proposal is not graded, it receives only a pass/revise/fail evaluation.

Master Thesis

The MSc thesis needs to comply with high standards of academic research. The formal requirements of the Master thesis are stated on the page ‘Thesis seminar information and deadlines’. The thesis evaluation form with the evaluation criteria will be published on Brightspace.
Students that drop or fail the course have to retake the complete thesis seminar (in the 2nd semester of the next academic year). Students should contact the Exam Committee if they are unable to complete the master thesis by the deadline due to circumstances beyond their control.