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Topics in Theoretical Physics: Introduction to Information Geometry and its Applications


Admission Requirements


Description and Course Objectives

Topics in Theoretical Physics is a student seminar course. The purpose of the course is to gain familiarization with research methods. The first objective is to learn how to distill from a set of advanced review and current research articles a one hour lecture containing the essentials. The second objective is to present this material comprehensibly both in a lecture form as well as in a written summary. The course is built around a current physics research topic of interest. The topic for Spring 2021 will be Information geometry and its applications’.


Physics Schedule
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Mode of instruction

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Assessment method

Each student will be asked to present a topic in a well-prepared classroom lecture, based on an article of their choice from the reading list. Depending on course numbers and interest, this will either be a group presentation or an individual one.
Each student will also be asked to write and hand in a summary report.

As a student seminar, the course is interactive instead of simple lectures. The student is fully expected to ask questions frequently during and after the various presentations.

The final grade will be based on all three course aspects: the presentation, the report, and engagement in class.


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Reading list

Reading and other course material will be provided.