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Research Master Thesis



Students will take part in a research project within the institute. About half of the available hours will be spent on practical research activities, such as data collection, data processing, coding of research material, interaction with participants, etcetera. The other half will be spent on writing a research thesis that takes the form of a scientific journal article. The project will be guided by a supervisor; in some cases there will be two supervisors: one for the practical part, and one for the thesis. The students will orally present their research results at the graduation ceremony.

Course objectives

The main objective of this course is that students can practice working as a researcher within the context of an extensive research project. Within this project, students will collaborate with more experienced researchers in accordance with the master-apprentice model. Students will experience what it is like to be part of a research team, and explore their own role in such a team. For their thesis, students will formulate their own research question, connected to data that are already available within the project, or that they collect themselves.

After following this course, students will be able to:

  • with minimal guidance, formulate, perform and assess scientific research at a level suitable to preparing scientific publications;

  • independently acquire new knowledge and skills relevant in the research context;

  • critically select, study and analyse literature relevant to their research project;

  • translate scientific knowledge and insights into implications for clinical and non-clinical contexts;

  • communicate about the social relevance of research in the field of education and child studies;

  • properly select and apply suitable quantitative and/or qualitative research methods;

  • present research results in English, both in written and in oral form;

  • show professional conduct according to the NVO (Association of Educationalists in the Netherlands) professional (ethical) code;

  • participate in professional teamwork, with a constructive and responsible attitude, and reflect on their own personal functioning in the team;

  • reflect on their own learning process.

Mode of instruction

Students will discuss with their supervisor which set of practical tasks they will perform within the research project. They will have regular meetings with their supervisor to reflect on these tasks and on their role in the research team. During the process of writing the thesis, they will regularly meet with their thesis supervisor, who will give constructive feedback. Each chapter of the thesis will be provided with feedback twice. The complete draft will receive feedback once. After the student has processed all the feedback, the thesis will be assessed by the supervisor and, independently, by a second assessor.


The thesis will be assessed by the thesis supervisor, and independently by a second assessor, using a digital assessment form. The form contains assessment criteria that connect to each chapter of the thesis; these criteria are assessed by both assessors. In addition, the student’s learning process and attitude are assessed by the first assessor (supervisor) only. The first assessor will also assess the quality of the material (for instance, the presentation slides) that the student will orally present at the graduation ceremony.
To pass the course, the final grade must be 6.0 or higher. If on the first attempt, the student obtains a failing grade, they will get one opportunity to adjust the thesis (the re-exam). If this second attempt also ends in a failing grade, the student will have to re-do the entire Master Thesis with another research group.


Additional information can be found on the Brightspace site of the course Research Internship.

Reading list

There is no reading list for this course. Depending on the context of their internship, students will need to read scientific literature to support their work. In addition, they will need to read scientific papers as a background to their assignment.


Students do not need register for the Research Master Thesis in uSis.

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