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Functional analysis seminar


Admission requirements

National master course on Functional Analysis or comparable. A first introductory course, such as the Leiden Linear Analysis course, is usually not sufficient.


The Functional Analysis Seminar is intended for advanced master students, PhD students, and staff. Its aim is to master a topic in Functional Analysis that is of interest to participants from these three groups. This topic will be determined during the fall semester.

People interested from other universities are most welcome to attend.

Mode of instruction

During a meeting, one of the participants gives an afternoon filling lecture.
The meetings are on Fridays from 14.00-17.00 approximately, but the dates in the official schedule are only indicative. The precise dates will be determined in accordance with the participants’ possibilities.

Assessment method

Active participation and at least one lecture are necessary. Grades are not given, only (when applicable) a "pass".

Please note: when you are a master student not from Leiden, contact your study advisor or exam committee beforehand about the eligibility of this seminar for your own programme, in order to prevent unwanted surprises.


Depends on topic.


A publicly accessible website will be set up in due time. Since the seminar has non-Leiden participants, we cannot use Brightspace.

Contact information

If you are interested, contact Marcel de Jeu, Bram Mesland or Onno van Gaans during the fall semester.