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Orientation seminar


Admission requirements

Participation in the Honours College Track Archaeology.


This new orientation seminar, titled Archaeology and Society: Current Issues, introduces the main theme of the track by exploring the multifaceted aspects of archaeological research, as well as the relevance of societal outreach.
Each lecture focuses on a specific current issue, such as politics and science, heritage threats and sustainability. Through several guest speakers you get to engage with experts from around the world and discuss applied methods, possible solutions, and the long-term relevance of knowledge sharing. Main attention is paid to research projects and societal programs in Central Asia and East Africa.

Course set-up

The course consists of 7 double lectures.
All details and readings will be announced in the official course syllabus, which is provided for students at the very start of the course.

Course objectives

  • You will acquire basic skills and knowledge germane to handling tribal art items both in museum settings and in the context of cultural property issues;

  • You will better understand how such items reflect traditional Oceanic and African cosmologies and rituals;

  • You will try out a cultural studies-cum-ethnography approach to dealings with 'tribal art' in western settings against the background of imperialism and post-coloniality.


Course schedule details can be found in MyTimetable.
Log in with your ULCN account, and add this course using the 'Add timetable' button.

Mode of instruction

  • Interactive lectures, including handling a number of authentic examples of indigenous ritual art;

  • Weekly assignments, comprising posting your comments on each week’s readings to Brightspace.

Course load

  • 6 three-hour meetings (1,5 ec);

  • 1 three-hour museum visit with assignment;

  • 500 pages of literature (3,5 ec).

Assessment method

  • Exam is an Essay (60%);

  • Weekly assignments via Brightspace (40%).

Assessment deadlines

The deadlines for submission of the final assignment are announced in the course outline (which will be sent to participating students 2 weeks before the start of the seminar, to be found on Brightspace).
The deadline for the first version of the poster is usually 2 weeks after the end of the seminar.

Deadlines for the weekly assignments will be posted on Brightspace.

Reading list

All details and readings will be announced in the official course syllabus, which is provided for students at the very start of the course.


Enroll in the Brightspace module.


For more information about this course, please contact dr. M.E.J.J. (Marike) van Aerde.


Compulsory attendance. You are allowed to miss one meeting, but will have to compensate with a paper (approximately 500-600 words) on the subject matter you missed.