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Thesis EIHRL


Individual research project

Following the successful completion of the taught courses of the programme, students are required to submit a thesis on a topic of their choice. It must address and analyse an issue of European and international human rights law and include a comparative element. The latter means it has to engage at least two different human rights law systems or elements thereof. The thesis should show
*the student can conduct academically sound research on a topic in the area of European and international human rights law including a comparative element; more specifically:

  • the student can design a clear and well-argued research question and an appropriate framework for analysis

  • the student can corroborate his conclusions in an academically sound way by finding and integrating sufficient, relevant academic materials and by discussing these in a comprehensive and adequate way, including all relevant arguments and points of view
    *the student can present the findings of this research in writing in a clear and well-structured way
    *the student can investigate and present relatively new and innovative findings; the thesis should not be merely descriptive.

Mode of instruction
In addition to bilateral meetings in the context of the individual supervision of the student by a professor or senior lecturer:

-November: general information meeting on the thesis (discussing matters such as object and purpose within the programme; requirements and assessment; the importance of starting early looking for an appropriate, interesting and feasible subject). Distribution of a list of potential topics for which supervisors are available.
-January-April: thesis workshops to coach students to develop research question and outline.
-Mid/End of April:
-deadline submitting outline + planning to the Programme director for approval
-May/June: writing thesis
-beginning of July: submission of Thesis.

Assessment method

Thesis 100%

Contact information

  • Co-ordinator: Mr. Theo Tsomidis LLM

  • Contact information: Leiden University, Faculty of Law, Institute of Public Law
    Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw, Steenschuur 25, 2311 ES Leiden, Room number C-118
    *Tel. +31 71 527 5054
    *email: t.m.tsomidis

Institute: Public law
Administration advanced masters: BIO
Mrs. Mahshid Alizadeh (LL.M.):

Disclaimer: This course description has been updated to the best of our knowledge at the current time of publishing. Due to the evolving nature of the Covid 19 pandemic and possible changes in lockdown regulations, however, all information contained within this course description is subject to change up to 1 September 2020. Since it is uncertain how the Covid 19 pandemic will develop after 1 September 2020, further changes to the course description may be unavoidable. However, these can only be made in the event of strict necessity and only in the circumstances where the interests of the students are not impinged. Should there be a need for any change during the duration of the course, this will be notified to all students in a timely manner and will not be to the prejudice of students. Modifications after 1 September 2020 may only be done with the approval of the Faculty Board.