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International Trade Law


The objective of this course is to offer students an insight into the fundamental theory and practice of international trade law and dispute settlement. The course is set up in two parts. First, it provides an introduction to the substantive law of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreements, as well as Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs, e.g. EU Free Trade Agreements). It will explain the core principles of non-discrimination, market access and general exceptions through the lens of their legal, economic and political rationales, as well as dive into the current dilemma’s facing the multilateral trading system. Second, the course focuses on the specific features of multilateral (WTO) as well as bilateral dispute settlement mechanisms (PTAs) in international trade law. We will, inter alia, study leading WTO case law, discuss the procedures for the selection of panelists and cover the role of various actors in international trade law dispute settlement.


  • The sources and principles of international trade law

  • Procedural aspects and specific features of international trade law litigation

  • Current challenges and dilemma’s facing the multilateral trading system