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Maritime Archaeology, Culture and Landscapes: Research, Protection, and their Role in Identity(Building)


Admission requirements

  • This is a seminar with a limited amount of participants (20 students), for Archaeology students exclusively;

  • This is not an optional course for the Archaeology BA3 programme. If you want to take this course as an extra-curricular course in your programme, you should ask permission from the Board of Examiners. You can only be admitted with permission, with proper argumentation, and only if there are spots left.


This seminar will be an introduction to maritime and underwater archaeology and cultural heritage management.

The students will be exploring these themes within the context and definition of the maritime landscape. How can we investigate the landscape when we put water as a means of transport and connectivity right in the middle? And how has this influenced the people living in it? How do the people living in it influence the maritime landscape and shape it according to their needs? Why do boats and ships say so much about the environment society in which they were made? These questions will be addressed during this course.

Through a landscape of your choice each student will analyse and answer the questions above. In a day-long excursion, all these elements will come together.

Each week information will be published on BrightSpace, which will relate to an assignment, focused on the analyses of the maritime landscape.

Course set-up

  • Each week on the same day, materials and assignments will be published on Brightspace;

  • Each week there will be a a 2-hour class;

  • Each week an assignment will be given to explore elements of the maritime landscape;

  • The class will be concluded with a final assignment, which is the result of the small assignments given every week.

Course objectives

  • Learning about definitions in maritime archaeology, maritime landscapes and cultural heritage management;

  • Learning about taking the maritime perspective;

  • Learning how to dissect the (cultural) landscape;

  • Learning how to manage a maritime cultural landscape.


Course schedule details can be found in MyTimetable.
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Mode of instruction

  • Lectures;

  • Field trip;

  • Assignments.

Assessment method

  • Attendance;

  • Cooperation during class;

  • Fieldwork.

Each week will have its individual assignment. This will be graded (pass/fail). The final assignment is an overall assignment and will be graded. Small assignments have to be a pass, only one can be a fail. The final assignment is basically the final grade (if the small assignments are passed and the student has attended the excursion).

Only the final assignment can be retaken.
The excursion is an obligatory component.

Assessment deadlines

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Reading list

The reading list will be announced prior to the field trip.


Registration start dates for the BA2 seminars differ from the registration dates of the regular courses.

Registration will take place with the use of Jotforms, which will be e-mailed to all BA2 students shortly.


For more information about this course, please contact dr. M.R. (Martijn) Manders.


  • Compulsory attendance;

  • The excursion will be a full day and probably in a weekend. You need to be in the Netherlands, and not being able to participate in the excursion means that you cannot complete the course.