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Modern Chinese Economy and Development


Admission requirements

Successful completion of Contemporary China A: Politics, Economics and Society of Modern China (BA1) is required.


This course gives the students an overview of the development in Chinese political economy from the ‘liberation’ to the present. In this course, we explore various aspects of China’s economic development, including

  • reforms of government policies and policy processes in order to facilitate and regulate economic development;

  • ideological changes in the government policy making and those among Chinese citizens due to economic development;

  • dynamic changes in China’s economic regimes including those in the state-market relationship, industrial structure, development strategies, growth models, urban-rural relationship, and external economic sectors;

  • and the challenges faced by the Chinese society during the economic development such as inequality, ‘middle income trap’, aging population, financial risks, and environmental degradation.

In addition, the analysis of the Chinese political economy is located in a wider regional and/or international context, which helps the students understand the impact of external political and socio-economic factors on China’s domestic economic development.

Course objectives

The students are expected to learn the origins, processes and implications of key events of China’s domestic economic development from the ‘liberation’ to the present. They should develop skills of critical analysis of Chinese economy in the social and political contexts. In particular, they should develop capabilities to search for academic literature, news articles, opinion pieces, government documents, official databases and other relevant secondary sources for their assignments, and to use qualitative and quantitative analytical methods to process the abovementioned material. They should also develop academic writing skills.


The timetables are avalable through My Timetable.

Mode of instruction


Assessment method


  • 30% mid-term timed essay

  • 70% final essay


See above.

The final grade is given on the basis of both components above. Failure to participate in a component cannot be compensated through the other.


The time and format of resit will be confirmed later.

Inspection and feedback

How and when an exam review will take place will be disclosed together with the publication of the exam results at the latest. If a student requests a review within 30 days after publication of the exam results, an exam review will have to be organized.

Reading list

The Reading list will be uploaded on Brightspace  before the course starts.


Enrolment through My Studymap is mandatory.


  • For substantive questions, contact the lecturer listed in the right information bar.

  • For questions about enrolment, admission, etc, contact the Education Administration Office: Vrieshof