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MA Thesis Seminar Literary Studies (English)


Admission requirements



The aim of the seminar is to introduce students to the process of developing an MA thesis topic, a formal proposal with a sound methodological framework and a proper research and writing schedule. It forms the preliminary stage to the MA thesis proper.

The seminar consists of 3 meetings where students learn to identify their specific field of interest and to define possible research questions related to that field; they also work at identifying the scholarly methods needed for their research, and do some preliminary reading on methodological matters.

Methods used during class include brainstorming, making a mind-map of research fields and methods, developing a mock thesis proposal and various forms of intervision and peer review.

The seminar will run every semester. During the first (Autumn) semester, it is aimed at students who plan to submit their official thesis proposal to the Board of Examiners on 1 February and to graduate at the end of the academic year. During the second (Spring) semester, it is aimed at students who plan to submit their official thesis proposal to the Board of Examiners on 1 July and to graduate approx. 6 monthes later.

There will be 2 groups running at a time: one for the students of the English Track, and one for the students of the tracks French, German, Italian Literature and Culture and the track Literature in Society.

*Attendance and active participation is compulsory for all students in the MA Literary Studies; it will be assessed through a testimonium and this will be taken into account in the final assessment of the thesis.

Course objectives

Concise description of the course objectives formulated in terms of knowledge, insight and skills students will have acquired at the end of the course. The relationship between these objectives and achievement levels for the programme should be evident.


The timetables are available through My Timetable.

Mode of instruction

  • Seminar

Assessment method

Several homework assignments as preparation for and reflection on the seminars.

Attendance and active participation.

Reading list

The booktitles and / or syllabi to be used in the course, where it can be purchased and how this literature should be studied beforehand.


This has to be filled out by the key-user of the department.

Enrolment through uSis is mandatory.

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  • For questions about enrolment, admission, etc, contact the Education Administration Office: Arsenaal