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Making a Case: Research Project


Admission requirements

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In a series of workshops students are taught how to ‘make a case,’ i.e. how to: 1) give a cultural ‘reading’ of a trial by teasing out the larger (philosophical, political, moral) issues that are broached by a trial;
2) give a legal-philosophical ‘reading’ of a cultural text (i.e. a film, novel, work of art, piece of music) by reflecting on the larger (philosophical, legal, political, moral) issues that are broached by a cultural text.
During the course students will work in small groups on the assembling of a dossier, a set of political, legal, cultural and theoretical texts that shed light on a specific case. On the basis of these dossiers, students will write individual position papers that will be presented at a symposium which will serve as a conclusion to the course.

Course objectives

After completing this course students:

  • Are able to do conduct independent research in the field of law and culture

  • Can present the aforementioned research in the form of a dossier and a presentation at a symposium

  • Have developed organizational skills, collaborational skills, social skills

  • Have learned how to give productive feedback to fellow students

  • Have learned how to process feedback

  • Have acquired discussion skills


The timetables are available through My Timetable.

Mode of instruction


Assessment method


(1) Dossier (2) Conference paper


(1) Dossier (graded 20%) (2) Conference paper (graded 80%)


Revision of the Conference paper

Inspection and feedback

Students will receive written feedback.

Reading list



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