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Internship Learning problems and impairments (international track)


NB Language of instruction is English

Admission requirements



Students can either participate in an ongoing research project of the Institute of Education and Child Studies (Research Internship) or choose a practical position at an external organization (Practical Internship). The latter should focus on the work of Learning Problems and Impairments.

Research Internship The student participates in an ongoing research project of the Institute of Education and Child Studies. Dependent on the research project, students will be involved in the recruitment of participants, the actual data collection in the lab, home setting, clinic, or child care setting under supervision of a qualified staff member.
The research internship and choice of project take place in consultation with the co-ordinator.

Practical internship The activities at an external organization should focus on the domain of Learning Problems and Impairments

More information for international students is available on the English website of the Internship Bureau and on Brightspace.

Course objectives

The general objectives of an internship are:

  • Integration of knowledge and skills in research and practice previously acquired in course work, in particular in realistic work situations

  • The acquisition of further relevant knowledge and skills, and insight into practical situations in the field of work

  • Intensive acquaintance with a relevant field of research or work

  • Learning to function independently and responsibly in an organization (professional attitudes)

  • Gaining insight into one’s own potential and limitations, both with regard to skills and with regard to personal functioning.



Mode of instruction

Internship meetings (attendance obligatory).

Assessment method

Both the practical and the research internship are concluded with a final report. This report will contain the following components: 1. A description of the (practical or research) problem explored or task executed during the internship and a critical analysis of the solution or approach chosen. 2. A reflection on one’s learning experiences during the internship given one’s learning goals, the work situation, work tasks and one’s activities and performance during these activities.

At the end of your internship period, your internship tutor will determine your final grade. This grade is based on:
1. The assessment advice of your internship supervisor
2. The quality of the assignments you handed in and your participation in internship meetings (including the presentation you have to give)
3. The quality of your internship report and/or final product. All parts should be assessed as at least satisfactory.


During this course Brightspace will be used.


NB The exam of this course is a paper. This means that you do not have to register yourself for this exam in uSis.

Contact information

Co-ordinator is Prof. dr. C.A. Espin.

For general information on internships and advice in the search process, please contact the Internship Bureau