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Scriptieseminar Vergelijkende Indo-Europese Taalwetenschap


Admission requirements

This thesis seminar is for (third-year) students who are working on their BA Linguistics thesis (track Comparative Indo-European Linguistics).
A student can only start with the thesis if the course Reading in Indo-European Linguistics has been succesfully completed.


A number of seminar meetings is offered during the second semester. Participation in this thesis seminar is mandatory and part of the 10 EC of the BA thesis.

More information will be available on Brightspace

Course objectives

The thesis seminar supports the writing process of student working on their BA thesis. The thesis seminar supports the writing process of students working on their BA thesis. On the one hand, the seminar addresses formal aspects of the thesis. On the other, it is a free space to share insights in and discuss possible issues with the writing process.


The timetables are available through My Timetable.

Mode of instruction


Assessment method

Attendance and active participation are required. A report on attendance and active participation will be made to the thesis supervisor to be taken into account in the evaluation of the thesis writing and supervision process. The thesis itself is not assessed in the thesis seminar.

Reading list

Not applicable.


Enrolment through My Studymap is mandatory


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