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Global Health Policy


Admission requirements

Required course(s):

Completion of at least one 100-level course in the Global Public Health Major.


This course gives students an in-depth, interdisciplinary examination of contemporary global health policy issues, actors and agenda setting. A range of actors from governments, multi-lateral organizations, civil society and the private sector are involved in agenda-setting in global health. To understand how people’s health and wellbeing are shaped by policy we need to examine the interplay between these different actors. In the field of global health policy, there are a multitude of complex political and socio-economic dynamics and a certain level of uncertainty that makes predicting outcomes of particular problems difficult. Yet decisions still need to be made. Over the block, we will examine how and why certain policies are developed and examine the role of research and evidence in informing the policymaking process.

Course Objectives


  • Describe the major perspectives and methods used to analyse global health policy.

  • Discuss how policy both creates and solves global health problems.

  • Describe the policy process


  • Assess health policy problems and health policy-related research.

  • Practice good teamwork

  • Effectively communicate your ideas and arguments in writing and presentations

  • Stakeholder analysis and communication between and across stakeholders

  • Understand the perspective of various stakeholders


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Mode of instruction

This course involves multiple teaching and assessment methods including seminars, student presentations, group work as well as guest lectures.

Assessment Method

  • Week 3: Policy Analysis Paper (30%)

  • Week 6: Stakeholder Analysis (25%)

  • Week 7: Play (15%)

  • Week 8: Script with individual reflection (30%)

Reading list



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