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Honours Assignment


Admission requirements

Participation in the Honours College Track Archaeology.


This assignment is completed in BA2 OR BA3.

Contact the Honours coordinator to finalise each collaborative or individual assignment plan. This Honours Assignment is especially catered towards student’s initiative and is flexible in nature.

The overall aim of the assignment is to encourage (either/or):

  • An Honours student’s individual ability to conduct a short project/research related to Archaeology & Society topics;

  • A group of Honours students’ ability to organise and conduct a short project/research related to Archaeology & Society topics.

The Assignment can consist of (or result in):

  • A written essay assignment on a related research topic;

  • A digital project resulting in media output;

  • A creative project (i.e. an exhibition or other output);

At the end of the Assignment you will need to submit a brief report about your activities. In case of a group assignment, each individual student needs to submit their own report.

An optional alternative to this Assignment is attendance of an international conference in the context of your personal academic development plan, outside the Faculty of Archaeology. This is only possible after consultation with the Honours coordinator and after approval by the Board of Examiners.

Course objectives

  • Independently or collectively design and carry out a (small-scale) project and/or research;

  • Learn how to report research and/or project results.

This Assignment will help you can work on improving (a selection of) the following skills:

  • Analytical skills;

  • Inventiveness and creativity;

  • Learning ability;

  • Team work;

  • Networking skills;

  • Writing skills;

  • Planning and organising;

  • Self-reflection.



Mode of instruction

To be discussed individually per each assignment.

Assessment method

  • Assesment of Assignment report (evaluation by Honours coordinator).

Assessment deadlines

The Assignment report must be submitted 6 weeks after completing the last Assignment day.

Reading list

To be discussed individually per each assignment.


See 'Contact'.


For more information about this course and registration, please contact dr. M.E.J.J. (Marike) van Aerde.


Compulsory attendance.