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Regular BA course


Admission requirements

Second and third year students of the Honours College FSW programme.


Students of the Honours College FSW may choose to take one course (5 ECs) in their entire Honours curriculum from a Bachelor programme.

You may choose to take an elective within your own Bachelor programme or from a different Bachelor programme. If you decide to take an elective from your own Bachelor programme, an additional assignment needs to be completed. This assignment consists of a reflective journal and a knowledge clip. More information can be found on the Brightspace page of your cohort.

The course chosen needs to meet the following criteria:

  • You meet the admission requirements of the course.

  • If the course is from your own Bachelor programme: it should be one of the electives and not be part of the compulsory degree programme.

  • The course level is at least 300 in year 2, or 400 in year 3.

  • The course will not be counted as part of your regular Bachelor’s curriculum.

  • Courses of more than 5 EC are not allowed.


The 'shared transferable skills’ depends on the course you follow. If you take an elective from your own Bachelor programme, an additional assignment needs to be completed. The skills that are predominantly covered in this assignment are shown in bold:

(Meta-)cognitive (Researching) Interpersonal (Collaborating) Intrapersonal (Reflecting)
Analysing Oral communication Independent learning
Generating solutions Written communication Resilience
Project-based working Presenting
Digital skills Societal awareness


Signing up for participation the course will take place through the regular channels (i.e. the student registers through uSis as if it were a regular course). Only after successful completion of the course, (and grading of the additional assignment if a course of your own BA programma has been followed), the course will be registered in uSis as part of the Honours programme.


If you have any question you can (depending on the question) contact the course coordinator of the course you want to follow or your coach.