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Presentation (2 EC)


Admission requirements

Depending on your specialization, you do one or two MSc research projects in the second study year. You can only start the research project when you are on track, i.e., when you have acquired close to 60 ECs of your MSc Physics program. In exceptional cases, you can also start a project after half a year of study. Master's Research Project can only be started in consultation with the study advisor.


The Master's Research Project is an integral and vital part of your training as an Physics master's student at Leiden University. During a period of typically 4-9 months, you engage in state-of-the-art research at LION, the Physics Institute of Leiden University. You will be supervised by a scientific staff member and hosted in a research group, where you will participate in new or ongoing research, regular group meetings, seminars, and other activities. Each Master's Research Project is concluded with a Master's Thesis and a Student Presentation.

Each project must be approved by the study advisor before the start.
For some specializations, at least one of the two research projects has to be carried out in an experimental group. All research projects are performed under the responsibility of a LION staff member. One project must be carried out in a LION group. Up to one project can be carried out outside LION.

Practical information

  • Information regarding the conditions for each specialization please check the OER

  • Relevant information on procedures and forms for the registration, assessment etc. can be found on the master's research projects page on the Physics student's website

  • For general questions or in case of problems during your research that you would prefer to discuss confidentially, contact our Physics study advisor Hara Papathanasiou.