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A Philosophical Inquiry concerning Biomedicine


Admission requirements


Period: 22-26 April 2024

Scientific research in the field of Biomedicine is related to the maintenance of health and curing of diseases. An important question then arises: What is health? And: What is a disease? We will address these questions and other topics of your interest by putting them in a philosophical context of how we understand ourselves as human beings. Subject matters like consciousness, the influence of technology or the relation between body, mind and soul, can be discussed.

Philosophy – literally meaning: love for wisdom – is offering you the opportunity to inquire your thoughts and your experiences with these matters that touches our life, the way we understand ourselves and our social coherence.

You will broaden your scope by considering different viewpoints and different approaches of being human, given by philosophers, pioneers in science and your fellow students. Not so much to judge these perspectives, but to become aware of your way of thinking and of what we consider as true or take for granted. This awareness will make clear where our judgments come from in the first place.

You are actively involved in this philosophical practice, in order for you to find out how these practical skills as well as the fundamental views, can contribute to your research and inspire you to make your choices.

Course objectives

The student:

  • Reflects on the relationship between the science they practise, its social context and relevant philosophical questions;

  • Inquires and develops his/her own thoughts (content) and way of thinking (process) and communicates that with others;

  • Is aware of the context of his/her perspective and how to contribute to the philosophical discussion;

  • Learns to handle fundamental and complicated issues;

  • Shows openness for different perspectives and finds inspirations for his/her own curiosity;


All course and group schedules are published on MyTimeTable.

The exam dates have been determined by the Education Board and are published in MyTimeTable.
It will be announced in MyTimeTable and/or Brightspace when and how the post-exam feedback will be organized.

Mode of instruction

Working groups (possibly online).

Assessment method

Summative assessment:
Attending all meetings, contribution to the inquiry, a write assignment and a short presentation.

Reading list

Will be distributed by the teacher during the course.


Registration for FOS courses, H2W, Scientific Conduct, Course on Lab Animal Sciences and CRiP takes place in lottery rounds in the beginning of July. After the lottery rounds: if you want to register for a course you are kindly asked to contact the student administration at



Maximum number of participants is 12.

ECT: 1

Tutor / Coordinator: drs. J. Monshouwer