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Turkish through Media


Admission requirements

Beginners' Turkish or equivalent.


This course is designed to complement Pre-Intermediate Turkish with beginning to low-intermediate knowledge of Turkish grammar, vocabulary, spoken interaction and pragmatics through the use of audio-visual aids selected from Turkish conventional media and 'new' media. The language instruction adopted in this course is content-based approach supported with listening and speaking skills. Students will have a better understanding of the lexical, structural, pragmatic aspects of language and cultural constructs through familiarizing themselves with contemporary issues in Turkish art and literature, women's issues and the LGBT+ community in Turkey, television and pop-culture, economy, and life in Istanbul.

Course objectives

The main goal of this course is to provide exposure and practice on various aspects of Turkish society and culture in conjunction with forms and vocabulary learned in Beginners' Turkish I & II as well as Pre-Intermediate Turkish, and to put them in better social and cultural perspective.

By the end of the course, the students will have:

  • expanded their Turkish vocabulary being exposed to both frequent, every day vocabulary and, to some extent, less frequent, academic vocabulary and use;

  • become exposed to advanced grammar and build on strategies to guess meaning from structural context and discourse in videos;

  • improved Turkish speaking skills (presentation as well as spontaneous);

  • had better listening skills due to exposure to a number of styles and idiolects/dialects.

  • become familiarized with several persons, places and themes in modern Turkish history and culture.

European Common Framework goals after fulfilling Turkish through Media in conjunction with Pre-Intermediate Turkish
Listening A2
Reading A2
Spoken interaction A2
Spoken production A2
Writing A2


The timetables are available through My Timetable.

Mode of instruction


Assessment method

Partial Assessment Points Weighing
Presentations 5 x 10 50%
Homework Assignments 5 x 10 50%
Total 100%


To be announced.

Reading list

Students will be provided with handouts for assignments and class activities through Brightspace.


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