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Second Year Track - electives


Admission requirements

Students can only start the chosen second year track, once they have passed the first year courses belonging to that track:
Track Belonging courses
Epidemiology: Fundamentals, Study Design, Responsible Data Analyses, Panel Management
Governance: Fundamentals, Governance, Alternative Payment Models, Implementation
Data Science: Fundamentals, Study Design, Responsible Data Analyses, Predictive Analytics
Syndemics: Fundamentals, Health and Health Behaviour, Syndemics, Panel Management


Students design their own tailormade programme for the second year track track (30ECTS, free format), as long as it is a balanced programme which fits in one of the four trackstrack. The process of designing the program for the second year track is guided by the tutors and coorinators of the tracks, and during two orientation weeks. Students may choose to do a (professional or research) internship or follow courses, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Importantly the students link their chosen activities during the track with their personal and professional learning goals. The plan is subject of approval of the Examination Board.

Course objectives

Within the tracks, students continue to develop on their chosen personal and professional development goals and PHM competences (population health management expert, academic skills, data driven thinking and acting, eclectic thinking and acting, deliberative thinking and acting, transformative skills).


All course and group schedules are published on MyTimeTable.

The exam dates have been determined by the Education Board and are published in MyTimeTable.
It will be announced in MyTimeTable and/or Brightspace when and how the post-exam feedback will be organized.

Mode of instruction

Depending on the chosen programme.

Assessment method

There are different assessment methods, depending on the component of the track.

  • Courses will be assessed as described in the course description, including the retake in case of an insufficient grade..

  • For internships, students choose the product(s), weights of the products and assessment criteria by which they wish to be evaluated. The student’s plans for the tracks, including the chosen products and assessment forms have to be approved by the board of examiners. In case of an insuffiencient grade, the Board of Examiners determines the manner of resit.

It is required to submit a reflection report, separately from the products of their second year track, which has to be assessed with a “pass”

Reading list

Relevant literature dependant on the topic of the internship and the literature prescribed by the chosen courses.


Students apply for the approval of their second year plan via KL-APP.


Coordinator 2nd year: Julia Henrich (
Coordinator Track Epidemiology: Dennis Mook-Kanamori (
Coordinator Track Syndemics: Matty Crone ( & Jessica Kiefte-de Jong ( )
Coordinator Track Data Science: Marco Spruit ( ) & Steven Sutch ( )
Coordinator Track Governance: Eduard Schmidt ( ) & Viktoria Stein ( )