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Natievorming in Latijns-Amerika


Admission requirements

Be registered as student of Bachelor degree at Leiden or another Dutch University.

The course is open for A la Carte, Contract students, Elective choice, and exchange.


The course focuses on a set of features that Latin American countries share as a basis for understanding the process of nation-building, being attentive to the nuances and differences that result from the region's diversity and helping to illustrate ongoing struggles for social justice, stability, and so sovereignty. It approaches nation-building as historically, politically, and socially produced.

The materials selected should help students grasp the interactions between economic, political, social, and cultural elements in the different nation-building stages, which manifest in the discourses framed ideas of belonging and sovereignty images. By tracing different nation-building approaches in Latin America, the course aims to provide students with enough theoretical tools to understand and situate ways of thinking about nation-ness in historically specific configurations in the region, assessing the resulting inclusion models and their socio-economic consequences.

Course objectives

By the end of the course, students will have acquired an overview of the historical and contemporary aspects of nation-building in Latin America and deepen their existing knowledge and understanding of the region.

Students will also be acquainted with academic research and writing. They will be introduced to critical aspects of conducting bibliographic research, from locating relevant literature to taking good notes and learning how to systematise information and create arguments around these.


My Timetable

Mode of instruction

The course consists of lectures and workgroup sessions, including special sessions on academic research skills.

Assessment method

The assessment consists of an annotated bibliography (30% of the final grade), a student presentation (20% of the final grade) and a written exam (50% of the final grade). the final mark for the course is established by determining the weighted average


The resit will take place if the final mark is lower than 6.0. The resit consists of a written exam equal to 50% of the final mark.

Reading list

Selected chapters from the book KEEN, Benjamin & HAYNES, Keith (2013). A History of Latin America. Boston: Wadsworth Cengage Learning. Complementary literature for lectures, workshops and assignments, such as the annotated bibliography, is available in the University’s catalogue and will be listed in the course syllabus


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The course is taught in English.