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Research Project 2 - Oral presentation


Admission requirements

For master students of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences only. The student has successfully completed Research Project 1 (including thesis and oral presentation). Master students of Bio-pharmaceutical Sciences who have successfully completed their practical work and thesis for Research Project 2.


The ability to deliver an effective oral presentation is a core competency for drug researchers. After finishing the practical work of Research Project 2, students are allowed to publicly present his/her research project and findings of Research Project 2 as part of the elective space of their BPS programme. The presentation needs to be delivered at the Gorlaeus Laboratories, allowing attendance of LACDR scientific personnel and BPS master students. The course aims to deepen the student’s competence in introducing the research and (selection of) essential research findings to a broad scholarly audience via a well-structured and effective oral presentation and engage in a question and answer session with the attendees.

Course objectives

At the end of the course, the student

  • can write an abstract that captures the interest of potential attendees

  • can report publicly on his/her research project and findings to other BPS master students and LACDR scientific personnel via an oral presentation

  • has the ability to make an appropriate content selection for the presentation and makes effective use of resources

  • has the ability to deliver a well-structured presentation that is objective,well-targeted at the audience, and of a good academic level

  • has good communication skills and makes contact with the audience

  • is able to provide appropriate and to-the-point answers to questions from the audience


Not applicable.

Mode of instruction

Self tuition, tutoring

Assessment method

Written abstract and oral presentation; The assessment will be performed by the supervising LACDR staff member, based on the evaluation criteria as laid down in the Research Project 2 – Oral Presentation Assessment Form.

The final grade is expressed using an integer between 1.0 and 10.0 and can be rounded off/up to a half integer, with the exception of the grade 5.5. The final grade should be ≥6.0 to successfully complete this course.

Reading list

Not applicable.


BEFORE the start of Research Project 2 the student should get approval:
1. Start the process by completing the application form for Research Project 2 in ProjectMAP, including a) details of the host institute, b) description of the research project, c) a list of publications related to the project of the research group, and d) if applicable, signed agreement with host institute.
2. the on-site supervisor at the host institute and the internal supervisor (mandated by the Board of Examiners of the master Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences) receive a link to the application for approval
3. upon approval by the on-site and internal supervisor the application will be forwarded to the BPS Programme Director for final approval
Note: without completion of point 1 and 2 and without final approval (point 3) in ProjectMAP the student will not be allowed to start!

Registration for the course via MyStudyMap is not needed


For general information about the Research Project 2 and/or the optional oral presentation of Research Project 2, please contact the study advisor (


The abstract with the date, time, and location of the colloquium should be uploaded in ProjectMAP and emailed to the BPS educational office ( at least 14 days prior to the presentation.

This information is without prejudice. Alterations can be made for next year.