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Internet Governance


Course Information

This is a core course.

This course is about the regulation of the internet and other digital technologies. The question on how to regulate the Internet has become a major political theme. This course gives an overview of the theoretical and practical aspects of Internet regulation and Internet governance.

The course addresses theories on the regulation of digital technologies that have been developed. The course specifically deals with the governance and regulation of the Internet. It provides students with in-depth knowledge on the dynamic interaction between technical (protocols, standards), business (interconnection, business models), political (UN, EU, IGF, ITU, ICANN) and legal (self regulation, co-regulation, state regulation) aspects of Internet governance.

Course Requirement

Master Degree


The timetable of this course will be available for students in Mytimetable


More information on this course is offered in Brightspace


Attendance is mandatory as specified in Article 5.1 of the Course and Examination Regulations of the Master of Laws Advanced Studies Programmes

Examination Method

  • Participation in multi-stakeholder dialogue 100% (participation in the multi-stakeholder dialogue entails preparing a position paper and presentation as a group).

Contact information

Programme Coordinator
Ms Patricia Garcia Fernandez
Telephone number: 0031- 71 527 4228


Should there be any future extenuating circumstances which may impinge our teaching and assessment, these could necessitate modification of the course descriptions after 1 September. This will only happen in the event of strict necessity and the interests of the students will be taken into account. Should there be a need for any change during the course, this will be informed to all students on a timely basis. Modifications after 1 September 2023 may only be done with the approval and consent of the Faculty Board and Programme Director.