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Professional and Personal Development


Admission requirements



During Personal and Professional Development, students will reflect on their personal and professional development, mainly related to the six competences of Population Health Management. In addition, students will get insight in future career perspectives. Students will make an Individual Development Plan to reflect on their development and formulate learning goals. In addition, students will prepare and write their Second Year plan, which covers the electives of the second year (for example intenrships and courses).

Course objectives

  • The student regularly reflects on his or her strengths and weaknesses and sets concrete follow-up actions/learning goals, and then follows through with them;

  • The student regularly reflects on his or her development on the six competencies within PHM and sets concrete follow-up actions/learning goals, and follows through with them;

  • The student has insight into his or her study and professional behavior and adjusts it if necessary;

  • To follow up on their learning goals, the student makes concrete plans for their track in collaboration with relevant partners, and follows through with them;

  • The student explores further career prospects, the role of Academic Trusted Partner, taking into account their development on the six competencies.


All course and group schedules are published on MyTimeTable.

The exam dates have been determined by the Education Board and are published in MyTimeTable.
It will be announced in MyTimeTable and/or Brightspace when and how the post-exam feedback will be organized.

Mode of instruction

  • Work group sessions

  • Individual meetings

  • Orientation weeks

  • Information sessions

  • Self-study (developing individual development plan, second year plan and reflection report)

Assessment method

  • 2EC (2 x 28 hours = 56 hours)

  • Self-study: 10

  • Attendance at group and individual meetings: 46

  • Final Products: Individual Development plan (pass / fail), Second Year plan (pass/ fail), Reflection Report (pass / fail)

  • All products have to be passed in order to pass the course. There is no grade given for this course.

  • Resits are possible for all products in case a student fails the first attempt.

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Coordinator Tutorship: Michelle Brust:
Coordinator Second Year: Julia Henrich: