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The biography of monumental landscapes


Compulsory attendance


Prerequisites and restrictions

Admission to the MA-programme.


Every two years a field trip is organised that aims at discussing the origins, continued use and constant re-articulation of monumental landscapes. It is focussed on theories about the meaning of monuments for the prehistoric societies. We also aim to visit research projects of colleagues in order to discuss their methods and methodologies. Master students are invited to join the trip, but the Research Master students organise the excursion as a team and in that way learn to manage complex projects. All participants write papers in preparation of the field trip that together form a comprehensive excursion guide. In the past, excursions were organised to Brittany, Ireland, Scotland and the Orkneys.

Learning outcomes

  • Knowing how to organise a field trip for a group of people (protocol);

  • Advanced knowledge of particular archaeological landscapes;

  • Ability to make an analysis of sites and monuments in their physical and social context;

  • Ability to read and interpret archaeological landscapes in the field;

  • Advanced knowledge of research practices in international context;

  • Ability to work in a team.