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Fieldwork in practice: Internship


Compulsory attendance


Prerequisites and restrictions

BA degree (or equivalent) in archaeology or a relevant discipline;
Experience in archaeological fieldwork;
Knowledge of the Dutch Quality Norm (KNA);
SAP and exchange students: admission after approval by the Graduate School of Archaeology.


One of the best ways to gain experience in fieldwork is to simply do it, but even better is to teach others how to do it and to learn them how to interpret (‘read’) the soil and features, how to structure fieldwork, how to document features, etc. That will be the task of students following this seminar. They will partake in the field school for first-year archaeology students organised each year by the Faculty. Each participant gets responsibility (under responsibility of a senior archaeologist) for a small part of the excavation and a small team of students.

Learning outcomes

  • Knowledge of field methods;

  • Ability to interpret features;

  • Learning how to structure field work;

  • Working in a team;

  • Coaching a team of junior students;

  • Ability to document features according to the Dutch Quality Norm (KNA).

Mode of delivery

Students do a three-week internship at the archaeology field school after instruction sessions.


  • Practical work;

  • Evaluation of the fieldwork period including day notes and all relevant documentation.

Reading list