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Institutions of the European Union


Admission requirements

Minimaal BSA (40 ects)


There are few policy area’s that remain untouched by the European Union. But what is the European Union and how does it function? The course Institutions of the European Union seeks to answer these questions, in a simple and practical manner.
The purpose of the course is a lay the foundations for a better understanding of the European Union and its institutions. This will be achieved in the following manner. Firstly, the EU institutions will be discussed: their purpose, role and function. Why do we have the Institutions, what are their roles and what tools are they given to achieve them? Thereafter the relationship between the EU and its member states on one hand and the ‘outside’ world at the other, will be touched upon. Finally, and in order to put it all in perspective, the role of the EU in some major policy area’s will be considered.

Course objectives

  • Increase know how of the EU: its role, its Institutions and its policies.

  • Conceptualise the theoretical role for EU Institutions

  • Understand the practical role of the EU Institutions


Lecture on Monday from 11.15-13.00 and workgroup from 13.15-15.00. Can be subject to change see: website

Mode of instruction


Assessment method

Het eindcijfer van de cursus is afhankelijk van het mid-term tentamen (1/3 van het eindcijfer) en het schriftelijk eindtentamen (2/3 van het eindcijfer). Deelname aan beide toetsingen is verplicht.



Reading list

  • Elizabeth Bomberg, John Peterson and Alexander Stubb, The European Union, How Does it Work?(Oxford University Press 2008, 2nd edition) isbn 978-0-19-920639-1

  • Case Law of the Court of Justice of the European Union (available on

  • Van Gend en Loos-case. Case number 26/62. Official name: Van Gend en Loos / Administratie der Belastingen. Published in ECR 1963 p.1.

  • Cassis de Dijon-case. Case number 120/78. Official name: Rewe / Bundesmonopolverwaltung für Branntwein. Published in ECR 1979 p.649.


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