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The aim of the Choose week is to learn to make a rational choice by means of a conscious strategy. Insight into the process of choosing is necessary for your choice of the research training period later this year and for the choice of research projects, courses and specialisations in the Master in Biomedical Sciences. During this week, you will obtain a lot of information, presented by both experienced scientists and relative beginners in the various fields. The week is structured as a conference, it includes lectures and workshops on the various specialisations, and is preceded by and concluded with work groups.

Course objectives

The student:

  • has obtained information on the possible research training periods;

  • has obtained information on the master’s specialisations in Research, Management, Communication, and Education;

  • will be able to make a conscious choice;

  • has selected the research training project he/she wishes to do.

Reading list

The ‘ Choose ’ module book.