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Public Opinion and the Political Process II: Practice



This seminar builds on ‘Public Opinion and the Political Process I: Theory’ and starts where that seminar ended, i.e. with a research proposal. In this seminar this proposal will be executed, data will be collected and analysed, and reported on. The report will be a first draft of a paper that will be presented in class. The comments on this presentation and first draft will be used to write a final paper of app. 7,500 words, i.e. the length of a conference paper or scientific manuscript, for the seminar. This final paper will hopefully be the basis for a paper that actually can and will be presented at a national or international conference and/or (subsequently) a manuscript that will be submitted to an international journal.

Methods of Instruction

Lectures and discussion.

Study material

Literature depending on the research topics that will be addressed.


Students will build on and execute the research proposal that was developed in POPP I (Public Opinion and the Political Process I), execute this research and write and present a final (preliminary) research report.


Thursday 4 November till 23 December, 9.00-11.00 hrs. in SA07.