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State of the Field Seminar: Seminars on Yijing and its Commentaries


Admission requirements


Yijing is one of the greatest global classics of mankind. This course will help graduate students to penetrate into Yijing’s layers of meaning and its studies, so to understand and inherit the long and profound tradition of Yijing studies in Europe. Entry requirements include substantial ability in reading Chinese texts and elementary knowledge of ancient Chinese history and thought. The main frame of the course is constructed by five major knowledge pillars as follow: 1. An overall picture of Yijing studies in the past century China.
2. The latest research in Yijing in the East and West.
3. Latest excavated texts in China and their relationship with Yijing.
4. Method and methodology of interpretations of Yijing base on its hermeneutic tradition.
5. The thought of Yijing and Yizhuan (mainly the Ten Wings, i.e. the ten commentaries) in light of environmental philosophy.

Course objectives


Mode of instruction

Assessment method

substantial paper of circa 20 pages (circa 5000-6000 words) based on Chinese as well as Western secondary research.


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