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Advanced Methodology and Data Collection


Research in political science employs many different means of data collection and a wide variety of techniques for data analysis. The undergraduate program in political science attempts to provide an introduction to data collection and data analysis, but can never cover all possible topics. In the program for the research master, additional techniques can be studied, but again it is never possible to cover everything. Some techniques are used by many political scientists, whereas others are used more specialized. Each researcher must learn the techniques that are necessary to answer his/her research question.

With the limited time available in the research master, it is important that a course in Advanced Methodology and Data Collection concentrates on those techniques that the participants intend to use in their own research. Thus an attempt will be made to adapt the content of this course to the needs and desires of the participants. Those who have an interest in following this “keuzevak” should contact the instructor as soon as possible to express their interests and desires. If these are not yet fully crystallized, then the student should make an appointment with the instructor to discuss what contents of the course will best suit the needs of the students.


Wednesday 3 November till 22 December, 13.00 -15.00 hrs. in 1A28(pc).