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State of the Art



The course “Political Science: State of the Art” is compulsory for all students enrolled in the Master Programme of the Institute of Political Science. The course intends to provide an overview of current approaches and theories in main subfields of political science. The Oxford Handbook of Political Science, edited by Robert E. Goodin (Oxford U.P., Oxford etc. 2009), which we will be using, probably provides the best such overview in a single volume. We will be reading substantial parts of this collection of essays, but we cannot ‘do it all’ in a 5 ECTS-point course, not even if we wanted to. We will read some 600 pages, of the some 1300 pages in total, as a collective. Apart from this we will be reading: Will Kymlicka, Multicultural Citizenship, Oxford U.P., Oxford etc. 1995).
Students are required to attend all meetings. As a rule we will have paper-presentations and discussions during these meetings. Students are expected to prepare for this course by having read Multicultural Citizenship before our first meeting.

More detailed instructions will be given during our first meeting, on 7 September.


During the course students will be required weekly either to prepare a presentation or to write a short essay. Presentation(s), essays, and contribution to discussions will make of 60% of the final grade; the final paper, of 3000 words, which must be handed in no later than 2 November, counts for 40% of the final grade.


Meetings are all in room 13.43 building Stichthage The Hague:
Tuesday 7 September from 18.00-19.45
Tuesday 14 September from 18.00-19.45
Tuesday 28 September from 18.00-19.45
Tuesday 5 October from 18.00-19.45
Tuesday 12 October from 18.00-19.45
Tuesday 19 October from 18.00-19.45
Tuesday 26 October from 18.00-19.45


Goodin, Robert E. (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Political Science, Oxford U.P., Oxford etc. 2009.
Kymlicka, Will, Multicultural Citizenship. A Liberal Theory of Minority Rights, Oxford U.P., Oxford etc. 1995).