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EU theories and Institutions

Vak 2010-2011

Students of the European Governance track have priority in this course!

In this seminar, students get familiar with most important aspects of European Union institutions studied from the perspective of a variety of prominent theoretical approaches. The seminar begins with a discussion of well-established theoretical approaches to European integration (intergovernmentalism and neofunctionalism) and newer theoretical approaches such as multilevel governance (MLG) in the EU. Using up to date contributions to leading journals and EU working documents, the seminar then analyzes the institutions of the EU and various aspects of multi level governance in the Union: democracy, efficiency, institutional change. Finally, the analysis leads to a discussion of recent developments such as the challenges to reform in the European Union linked to the ratification failure of the draft constitutional treaty of the EU in 2005 and the developments following the ratification of the Lisbon treaty.
The seminar is designed for students who already have a basic knowledge of the European Union and would like to deepen their understanding of current EU developments as well as recent trends in the academic literature. Students will be evaluated on the basis of presentations, oral participation and two smaller papers.

Dr. A.L. Dimitrova

Teaching format
Seminar meetings

Course Material
A variety of articles which will be placed on Blackboard

Presentations, two position papers

31/3 t/m 19/5 from 11-14hr in 5A42 muv 31/3 and 14/4 in 1A22. No course on May 5th.

This schedule is subject of change
Latest update November, 2010