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Seminar Artificial Intelligence


This seminar-style course studies the topic of artificial intelligence. Presentations are mainly held by the students themselves. It covers various sexy topics from the field of artificial intelligence, to the level that should enable students to discuss AI comfortably with other scientists. The topics include the question of whether machines can think, evolutionary computation, neural networks, computing with DNA, computers and emotions, and others.

The selected topics were chosen to be practically applicable for future Media Technology projects, or to make students think about future directions. However, the course is open to students from other programmes and institutes also. It is not a complete overview of AI topics, and some topics are not strictly AI but somehow related. They were included because they are interesting and students should know something about them. See the Seminar Artificial Intelligence website for more information.


Media Technology students and other interested master students

Admittance demands

Last year bachelor or master students

Method of instruction

Lectures and self study


Homework tests, student presentations, project and paper

Time table

The dates are included in the Media Technology calendar (7 classes).


Via education coordinator Media Technology: Annebeth Simonsz, 071-527 6994

Seminar Artificial Intelligence