Vanwege het coronavirus is de informatie voor opleiding en toetsing in semester 2 (blok 3 en 4) niet meer op alle punten actueel. Zie voor de actuele informatie de betreffende vakpagina’s op Blackboard/Brightspace.


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Topics on Parsing and Formal Languages



Selected topics on parsing, formal languages and automata. We will mainly focus on chapters 3, 4, and 5 of the course book. In this way, we discuss more advanced results on regular and context-free languages (and their grammars and automata). In particular, we discuss parsing methods of context-free languages such as found in compilers.


Mandatory course book: Second Course in Formal Languages and Automata Theory by Jeffrey Shallit, Cambridge University Press, 2008, ISBN-13: 9780521865722.


Basic knowledge in Automata and Formal Languages. (For example, Fundamentele Informatica 1 and 2 as taught in the Bachelor computer science in Leiden. Fundamentele Informatica 3 is no prerequisite, but it is recommended.)


Handing in solutions to a number of exercises in the course book. No closing written examination.


Topics on Parsing and Formal Languages