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Peacebuilding After Conflict


Peacebuilding After Conflict
This master seminar in the spring of 2011 deals with the issues which arise when rebuilding a state and society after civil or international war. The main textbook is: From War to the Rule of Law, Amsterdam University Press, 2007. Other reading will be handed out during the course. Students are required to have completed a previous course in international politics or relations at BA level.
Students give a 15 minute presentation on a case study of their choice after consultation with Prof Voorhoeve and complete this at the end of the course as a term paper. There is a one hour written exam. The grade wil be one-third paper, on-third presentation and one-third exam.

Schedule Block IV:
First Seminargroup: Thursday 31/3 from 10-12 hrs
Seminars: Monday , 4/4, 18/4 and 2/5, 9/5, 16/5 and 23/5.
Time: 13-15 hrs room: 5A-41, EXCEPT for 16/5 in room: 1A20
Exept: 19/4 from 18-20 hrs in 5A41
EXAM first seminargroup: 30 May from 13-16 hrs : SB11
Re-exam: TBA

Extra Seminargroup:
Thursday 28/4 from 18-20 hrs: 5A37
Tuesday 3/5 from 18-20 hrs: 5A37
Thursday 12/5 18.30-20.30 hrs: SA23
Tuesday 26/5 18-20 hrs: SA23
Tuesday 7/6 18-20 hrs: changed into 1A37
Thursday 9/6 18-20 hrs: changed into 1A37
Thursday 23/6 18-20 hrs: changed into 1A37

*Exam extra seminargroup: Thursday 30 June : 1A41 from 18-21 hrs

Re-exam: TBA