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Master Thesis Public Administration


Read more on the process of finding a supervisor and about the difference between an individual thesis and a capstone project on the website

You need to start thinking about your thesis early on.
Thesis I: In this phase, the student explores possible thesis subjects. For example by reading articles and older theses.
Thesis II: In this phase, the student has written or writes a proposal of approximately 1 page (A4). With this proposal the student contacts possible supervisors. Once the student found a supervisor, (s)he will continue on the thesis with him/her.
Thesis III: writing the thesis + defense
(Thesis= 20.0 ECTS)

Check the overview of the year via Schedule of the year

Please note that you can’t register for the thesis via USIS.

ECTS and choice of subject
Students who started in September 2009 or later write their thesis for 20.0 ECTS. Their thesis is part of their track and therefore the subject of the thesis must fit in the track.
Students who started earlier write their thesis for less ECTS. Their thesis is not part of their track and therefore these students are free to pick their subject. Check for the correct number of ECTS the website . If you write the thesis for less then 20.0 ECTS, do mention this to your supervisor!

English or Dutch. It is up to the student and the supervisor to decide what language is used.

Want to graduate?
Graduation is not done automatically, but you need to arrange this yourself. Read more on the procedure of graduation