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MA Masterclass: Theories and Methods in Asian Studies


Admission requirements


This course is concerned with theories and issues central to the field of Area studies. It will expose students to key writings on the challenges of studying and writing about the ‘non-West’ and explore major theories and conceptualizations, which have grown out of this debate. The course is aimed to sharpen students’ critical thinking and encourage self-reflection about the theoretical challenges and opportunities of their field of study. Students are also encouraged to develop and present their own point of view in class discussion, through webpostings, position papers and their research paper. The broad regional and disciplinary scope both of the seminar and the participating students should further stimulate cross-disciplinary dialogue and allow students to get acquainted with approaches and geographic and national contexts beyond their own specialization.


Wednesdays 9:00-13:00

Mode of instruction


Assessment method

  • Attendance, participation, webpostings, presentation: 30%

  • Analytical paper (1,500 words): 30%

  • Research paper (3,000-5,000 words): 40%


Blackboard plays an important role in this course. All important information about the course, including the syllabus, course requirements, and other information, except for the course readings, will be available on the course website.

Reading list

To be announced



Exchange and Study Abroad students, please see the Study in Leiden website for information on how to apply

Contact information

Dr. A.Ezawa