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Anthropology of Art in a Global Context


Admission requirements

Only students who are admitted to the master’s Joint MA pilot programme “Media & Material Culture” can take part in this course.
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This seminar deals with contemporary artistic production, the global circulation of artworks and the practices of display in museums, galleries, biennales and art fairs. Exploring key concepts and approaches within the discipline of anthropology, we will elaborate on questions such as the flows of art works on a global scale, the tensions and power relations between artists, art experts, and art markets or cultural management and how we can investigate these from an anthropological perspective. What do we make of emerging – and declining – “trends” such as African, Latin American, Australian, Chinese or Indian contemporary art? In what way can we discuss and analyze the production of art and culture within a social (global) field? This seminar will be conducted partly as an elearning seminar on moodle.


Winter Term 2010/2011 (13/10/2010 – 02/02/2011)

Mode of instruction


Assessment method

Presentation, final paper, weekly assignments, group work

Reading list

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